Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GGG Podcast: Episode 3

Here is the third episode of the Galactic Geek Girl podcast! In this show, Grace, Savanna, and a special guest Nikki talk about hot topics in the world of fangirls including strong female characters and Her Universe. Enjoy listening and may the Force be with you!


  1. Great third podcast so far! :D I agree, I don't like how they demean girls in a lot of fictional stories by having them dress scantily.

    I agree, the EU has many strong female girl characters*Siri Tachi, Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka, Satele Shan, The Jedi Exile(Meetra Surik), Nomi Sunrider, Vima Sunrider, Bastila Shan, Tahiri Veila, etc :D* (In fact, that's why I never had a problem with being a girl fan of SW. I never felt like there weren't any cool girls; well, that and Padme and Leia- they are really cool too.). :D

    I followed you on Tumblr, Nikki :)

    I'm definitely looking forward to your next podcast on CVI.

  2. Thanks again girls, I loved being a part of the podcast!
    Sorry my microphone was a bit wonky!

  3. :(
    Wow, I never realized fan girls had this problem. Things need to change, this podcast is going place be sure of that.
    Jedi Knight Calon-Qwa Sage

  4. Another good podcost, I like hearing your voices!!


  5. I loved this podcast! :D When I carry Star wars books around lots of people don't really think I'm a fan too. Lots of people here test me for my knowledge of Star Wars, if I don't know them well.
    I love strong characters in the EU :) Siri is especially awesome :D

  6. "They don't have to be wearing a slave leia costume to be important." EXACTLY!!! And I loved when you said how we don't see a bunch of handsome Hans or cute clone troopers taking a picture together. Why not? I want to see that hehe. Celebration VII--Han Solo group photo with Jabba the Hutt! Let's make it happen!