Monday, September 17, 2012

GGG Podcast: Episode 5

In this episode of Galactic Geek Girls Podcast, Grace and Savanna are joined by their great friend Stephanie to discuss their favorite things in Star Wars along with some personal stories about how they all met!



  1. I loved this episode!!! Some really awesome comments!
    I'm more for luxoka than rexoka, but I don't like both a lot. But hey, it's my opinion only =P
    Green lightsabers... they kind of calm me down, I don't know why :)
    You guys are so lucky to get to meet Ashley! Or go to the VIP cupcake lounge! Or in fact just to go to CVI :P
    Hmmm... I'd love to be on the show :)

  2. Great episode!! :)
    I love the Prequels as well, Stephanie! :D My favorite would be Revenge of the Sith, but I love all the films. I ship you with Wolffe, Savanna :) :D
    I also like Rex and Ahsoka but Lux and Ahsoka doesn't bother me and if it happened I wouldn't care one way or another.
    Good episode choices! :D I enjoyed all of those episodes as well :D And I was on the verge of crying when Waxer died too :(